Kent Power is a specialized manufacture of power generators based in China. We provide a broad selection of diesel generators, natural gas generators, and marine diesel generators. All of our products are produced to provide optimal power solutions, delivering fuel efficiency at the same time. We are partnered with a number of major engine suppliers, including Deutz, Cummins, Perkins, Shangchai, Man, Doosan, Volvo, and Tongchai to ensure that our equipment is powered by reliable components. In addition to our standard line of generator products, we can also provide customers with custom solutions to make sure that their power needs are met. Our generators are suitable for primary and auxiliary power supply systems for an unlimited number of applications. Details

    1. Open Type GeneratorDiesel powered water pump is a pump driven by diesel power, coupled with flexible coupling to achieve its operation.
    1. Silent Type GeneratorThe quiet diesel generator is designed with all of the typical functions of a diesel generator and it has the unique features of low noise, compact structure and small size.
    1. Container Type GeneratorThe container diesel generator is a type of diesel engine with an enclosed container in the diesel generator according...
    1. Trailer Type GeneratorThe KENT towable diesel generator is a new type of mobile towable generator which achieves mobile operation by mounting diesel generator on the trailer.
    1. Mobile Type GeneratorOur mobile emergency diesel generator is a kind of emergency standby power generator designed for electric power systems in recent years.

    1. 60 - 750 KVA DeutzThe Deutz diesel powered generator features a power range of 60kva to 750kva, with options for a quiet diesel generator...
    1. 25 – 2250 KVA CumminsThe Cummins diesel powered generator is equipped with a Cummins engine, Kent alternator and Comap controller...
    1. 9 – 2250 KVA PerkinsThe Perkins diesel powered generator utilizes a Perkins engine, Kent alternator and Comap controller.
    1. 63 – 875 KVA SDECThe Shanghai diesel engine generator set is designed with a Kent alternator and Comap controller.
    1. 15 – 1325 KVA KENTKENT’s diesel generator combines the generator with a DSE controller with a power ranging between 15kva to 1325kva.